The BFA Gallery

“Where Fine Dining Meets Fine Art”

Open During Dining Hours and By Appointment

The BFA Gallery is always open during Ruby’s dining hours and by appointment. Make Ruby’s your one stop destination for a “dinner and a gallery.”

The BFA Gallery is housed in a 400 sq. ft. designated space on the second floor of Ruby’s Hotel. The gallery is named after the very talented abstract expressionist artist and our good friend Frank Broderick of Watervliet, NY who passed away at the too young age of 29 in 2003.

The BFA Gallery is dedicated to showing the very best regional and metropolitan art. Since its opening in 2004 the gallery has featured such notable artists as:

Steven Ausbury
Dmitri Belyi
David Brickman
Frank Broderick
Virginia Cantarella
Jeanette Fintz
Gloria Garfinkel
B. Goode
Frank Giorgini –
Paul Hacket
Thomas Locker
Douglas J. Maguire
Stanley Maltzman
Hiromitsu Morimoto
Ulla Schirmbeck
D. Jack Solomon –
Susan M. Story –
Albert Straussman
Jean Straussman
K. Velis Turan

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BFA Gallery

Ruby's Hotel
3689 County Route 67
Freehold, NY 12431

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